DJs: Under cutting vs under charging and why DJs hate it
Playa Perspective VII. Is there no love for local DJs? Watch this video and leave your own opinion!
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Watch & Comment!

This one is for us DJs! If you’ve been a DJ for any decent amount of time, chances are you’ve dealt with these issues. Other DJs uncer cgarging, undercutting other DJs, or veteran DJs gettting upset by being a victim of the two. Is there a way to overcome it? Should veteran DJs be mad when othr DJs do this? Lets talk about it!

This is the 11th edition of my youtube based discussion series #PlayaPerspective. Watch the video, hear my opinion on the topic then leave your own opinion in the comment section! The idea is to get the conversation started about different music related topics! Thanks For Watching

Watch #PlayaPerspective VII | No Love For Local DJs? Here!

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