Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (KayPlaya Remix 2017)
Playa Perspective VII. Is there no love for local DJs? Watch this video and leave your own opinion!
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AALIYAH – ROCK THE BOAT | Remixed By KayPlaya

AALIYAH – ROCK THE BOAT | Remixed By KayPlaya

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (KayPlaya Remix 2017). So, I’m attempting to make the transition from DJ, to DJ/Producer. As a DJ it seems like the natural path to take and I’ve alway¬†had an interest in production. With that said, this is my take on a classic R&B record. Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat originally produced by Timbaland. To be honest I was reluctant to touch this because of the record it is but hey I still gave it a try. Thank you for listening, and if you enjoyed pleased subscribe to my music channel on youtube!


Thanks for listening!

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