Personal website for ROCKSTARR DJ KayPlaya. A Las Vegas based Open Format DJ and remixer.
Las Vegas, DJ, KayPlaya, ROCKSTARR DJz, Corporate, Special Event, Private, Night Club, Lounge, Bar
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About ROCKSTARR DJ KayPlaya!

The guy with the afro often found dancing in or around the DJ booth! In the very basic of terms I’m just a guy who loves music. Being a DJ and having the luxury of playing for those who enjoy what I do while I’m at work play is an added benefit. Originally from Southern California, I grew an affinity for West Coast Hip-Hop at a young age (think 90′s). After a move to Las Vegas for school, I then established an appreciation for all things music; genre or era specifications aside.

Fast forward to current times I consider myself to be an open format DJ meaning its not uncommon to hear everything from Hip-Hop to dance music, to funk, or classic rock at any time during my sets. If its one thing I’ve learned through out my career as a DJ it’s that GOOD MUSIC has no boundaries! Whether I’m on radio playing music for millions or in the club/lounge setting the vibe for people to dance the night away, I make it my personal mission to turn people in to fans of KayPlaya one at a time. Not there yet? I’m working on it! Already a follower of my career? THANK YOU! Either way, hang around, I promise I won’t let you down!

I am also the proud owner/operator of my own special event dj/sound & lighting company. This means for any special event needs whether it be a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or school dance, I bring the party to you! Want more information on my special event services? Head over to BOOKER Entertainment for more details!

Interested in booking KayPlaya?