WTF Happened To The Club?! | #PlayaPerspective III
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WTF Happened To The Club?! | #PlayaPerspective III

WTF Happened To The Club?! | #PlayaPerspective III

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WTF Happened To The Club?! Over the years the nightclub experience has definitely changed. Some may say for the better others will say for the worse but all would agree it’s different. From going to the club primarily to dance and be social, the scene has evolved into going to the club to order bottle service where you sit at your own table all night anti-socially and drink from your own bottle while dancing withing your own space. What’s your take on the current common nightclub experience? As usual watch and comment with your opinions.


This is the 2nd edition of my youtube based discussion series #PlayaPerspective. Watch the video, hear my opinion on the topic then leave your own opinion in the comment section! The idea is to get the conversation started about different music related topics! Thanks For Watching

Watch #PlayaPerspective II | DJs Today Don’t Respect The Craft! Here.

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