NO LOVE FOR LOCAL DJs? | #PlayaPerspective VII
Playa Perspective VII. Is there no love for local DJs? Watch this video and leave your own opinion!
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NO LOVE FOR LOCAL DJs? | #PlayaPerspective VII

NO LOVE FOR LOCAL DJs? | #PlayaPerspective VII

Watch & Comment!

In a city full of world famous and celebrity DJs, it seems like local DJs often get lost in the shuffle. That’s life as a local DJ in Las Vegas. Regardless of location, do you feel like local DJs in your region get the love/support they deserve or is it all about the big name? Is there no love for local DJs? Sound off in the comments via youtube!

This is the 7th edition of my youtube based discussion series #PlayaPerspective. Watch the video, hear my opinion on the topic then leave your own opinion in the comment section! The idea is to get the conversation started about different music related topics! Thanks For Watching

Watch #PlayaPerspective VI | Passion or Profit? Here!

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